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IKEA changed the bid! New Logo for IKEA


IKEA, founded in 1943, was founded by Ingvar Kamprad, 17, in elmhurt, Sweden. It is now the largest furniture retailer in the world. "IKEA"

IKEA is based in Sweden and has branches all over the world, mainly selling flat packaging furniture, accessories, bathrooms and kitchenware. IKEA is a leading brand in the furniture industry, which is characterized by its parity sale and self assembling (DIY).

Recently, IKEA has changed LOGO. I'm afraid you don't know yet. Come and compare.

On the left is the old LOGO and the new LOGO on the right. The most intuitive feeling is that IKEA put the registration mark R in the ellipse, and the blue became heavier. But in fact, more than that. Let's keep looking.

First of all, the ratio of the ellipse is different, the whole ellipse is reduced to the inside, so that the edge line formed by the box is thicker. Secondly, the font stroke is rewritten, such as the middle of the E is thinner, the A becomes thicker, the spacing is adjusted, and the whole is more compact.

On the whole, the four letters of "IKEA" become bigger in LOGO. At present, the new LOGO is only available on a few websites in the United Kingdom and the United States.

At present, we do not have any description of the old and new LOGO. Most of the design is that this is not only the optimization of idleness but the design of the screen age. Now the printing and screen are no longer needed to make up for the lack of printing as in the past, and the small screen transmission that may be faced requires LOGO to be presented in a more concise and clear way. This will remove the red tape in LOGO.

Look at the narrower version of the contrast above, and you may think that this is indeed a design that keeps pace with the times.

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