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Nike launches PG3 boots, suspected Adidas Ultra boost running shoes


Last month, we introduced Adidas's Ultra boost running shoes, the magic of Mao Mao, and saw a series of print ads today.

Designer Antoni Tudisco has launched a new series.

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Let's take a look at the magic ads of "the best running shoes"!

Adidas's Ultra boost running shoes, using all Boost technology's mid shock bottom, and Primeknit one-piece weaving upper technology, greatly enhance the running elasticity. Look at ADI's dead rival Nike's PG3 boots.

The PG series is a brand product made by Nike basketball for its star Paul George.

The design of PG3 is further lightweight on the basis of PG2.5. The lightweight foam and Zoom air cushion are used to enable PG3 to achieve the "faster" requirement of Paul George.

Nike PG3 animation and design are from New York director, artist Shane Griffin and Nike female designer Jay Giraldo. The theme of the project is "Get Cozy", consisting of several dynamic and static elements, including GIF animation, fonts, videos, posters and fur simulation LOGO.

Shane Griffin was born in Ireland. His works ranged from animation and live performances, from sculpture to computer graphics (CGI). Shane is a free artist. He often works with some famous brands and agents in the world. He has made short films for apple, Google, Microsoft, Ford and Adidas.

This is the theme font "COZY" made of hair. Shane Griffin was nominated by ADC Young Gun in 2012. In 2015, it was nominated by Print magazine as "15 new visual artists under 30 years old".

This is the main visual poster. Paul George appears very COZY under the package of PG3. The following are the scenes released on various media.

The following three are the production process draft:

Let's compare ADI's Ultra boost with Nike's PG3:

Two products, one is the tide card of the main runner, the other is the basketball brand of the main basketball fans. But they all demand buffer technology.

And in advertising creativity, both of them have chosen the same hair!!!


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