Barcelona postponed voting on whether to launch the new logo FC Barcelona postpone to vote the new logo - the most design

Barcelona postponed voting on whether to use the new logo FC Barcelona postpone to vote the new logo


Last week, at a conference in Barcelona, we should have voted whether to launch the new LOGO designed by Summa studio. However, the chairman of the board decided to postpone the vote on the spot because he was afraid of objection to remove the word "FCB" in LOGO.

The new LOGO designed by Barcelona is more suitable for digital media. There are three main changes: remove the word "FCB", remove the internal black stripe, and the "Blaugrana" color bar is reduced from seven to five.

On the other hand, Deroy Peraza, a Barcelona powder, offers a compromise approach that seems to solve this problem.

The LOGO plan not only preserves "FCB" but also makes the old design more concise. I wonder if the club will consider it.

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About Barcelona Football Club:

Barcelona Football Club (FC Barcelona), which Chinese fans like to call "Barcelona", is a football club in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was founded by Juan Gampe, a Swiss entrepreneur in 1899, and is one of the most successful football clubs in the world.

The Nou Camp stadium, the main stadium of Barcelona football club, can accommodate nearly one hundred thousand spectators. It is the largest and third largest soccer stadium in Europe. The team won the first Spanish League A and 25 league titles in 1929, the 30 Spanish cup, the 5 Champions League and the 3 world champion.

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