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Hungry launched the "hungry star" brand


Last August 24th, Robin Lee vowed to hit 20 billion to do O2O, "Baidu takeaway" eventually sold myself, the industry giant "hungry" announced the merger "Baidu takeaway, when hungry stressed two brands will continue to operate independently, a year later, and some changes.

Today, hungry launched a high-end food takeaway platform -- "hungry star", APP also released. "Hungry star" is what? In fact, Baidu acquired last year go hungry today finally renamed it. This also means that the "Baidu takeaway" and will not exist.


At the same time, the application of the market input "Baidu takeaway, the search results have direct pop-up" hungry star selection".

If you go to visit the Baidu takeaway official WeChat and micro-blog, will enable the new name.

About the name "hungry star" micro-blog official explained: "the star" on behalf of the five-star service and experience, "" represents a stringent selection criteria. In addition, the "Star" homophonic "heart" selection, and choose "Star" takeaway, carefully selected brand mission, One principle runs through it all. The new LOGO renamed after is this:

For the new LOGO, "hungry star" official said:

Brand designers will represent the character of the "Star" star, graphics and can represent the delicacy "fork" graphics were combined, finally got a "smile" brand new logo. This is a brand new, full range of upgrades, means more comfortable, more delicious, better looking, more intimate.

For the hungry hungry star ", what company positioning is given: hungry under strict selection of businesses and high-end takeaway and delicacy, uphold the supremacy of the user experience of life service platform.

Undoubtedly, this is hungry for the United States Mission -- a coup by double brand strategy opened the consumption level, the higher brand competition from the angle of "hungry star" hit the high-end market, while the hungry themselves are the main low-end market, of course, in the low-end of this piece of business also includes before the merger in word-of-mouth network.

"Hungry star" in micro-blog released a number of his "friends" Congratulations posters, seize the chance for promotion, is the current trend.

Hungry has been attacked, what will bring to us? We have to wait and see.

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