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Beijing 0331 - to fourth font star design contest Hanyi 4th Fontstar Design Competition


For the fourth star font design contest
Hanyi 4th Fontstar Design Competition


The theme of the competition


The print culture Chinese, especially the text font after long-term development so far, with black, song, imitation, Kai as the representative, has maintained a steady state for a period of time. And the social economy, technology and culture in the new century, it has been undergoing profound changes. Accordingly, the application environment of the font, people's reading psychology and the situation is also undergoing tremendous changes. The diversity of media use and carrier, for beauty, freedom and individuality yearning, have put forward more requirements for the font design.

Annie China, as the earliest professional font, is committed to continuously build quality character, is also concerned about the innovation and development of font culture. "Inheritance and innovation" is based on the design concept of innovation, encourage all love font designers set out from the angle of innovation, the creative, font design dream, especially the design of text type.

Therefore, this competition would like to invite you, no matter where you are in the field, as long as you care about the font font design culture, love, she will appreciate your attention and participation. Annie and you will be the common pursuit of the dream of the font is representative of this era.


Competition schedule


Collection date: October 12, 2018 -2020 year in March 31st

Review date: April 2020

Award announcement: May 2020

The award ceremony: May 2020


Competition set


This competition is not limited to encourage cross-border innovation of traditional song, black font, imitation, Kai, to design the principle of innovation, pay attention to the change and development of the library application environment, the designer will encourage cultural heritage, design innovation, application and other aspects of the environment combine to express more words of the possibility of mining, to create more and better more the characteristics of the times font font design works, promote innovation, promote the development of font design industry.

The works should be pure black-and-white, grayscale and color copy will not be accepted. All entries shall not appear in any commercial identification and signature signature information.

All entries should be created for the works after June 2018.


- Chinese group (professional group & student group)


Chinese group divided into professional groups compared with groups of students, including but not limited to professional designers and design organizations or groups. The font enthusiasts can participate in student group only for university students to participate in (including 2018 - 2019 graduates). The overall design should pay attention to the font comfort and unity, shape structure and stroke modeling coordination, and can clearly express the font creation intention, in particular the effect of situational application.


Please go to the official website of star.hanyi.com.cn font star

View the contest and download entry template characters


- Spanish

Spanish team set up rules for Chinese font matching design language. The designers hope more targeted solutions, see Western Font design.

The contest encourages participation Chinese group of designers for their Chinese font matching design works in English, at the same time, designers can also choose contestants and participate in Chinese group matching design of Western fonts. (please specify in the western works at the time of submission to the author)


Please go to the official website of star.hanyi.com.cn font star

View the contest and download entry template characters





Professional group Chinese

First prize: (1) 20000 yuan, trophies, certificates

Two prize: (2) 10000 yuan, trophies, certificates

Third-prize: (3) 5000 yuan, trophies, certificates

Jury prize: 1000 yuan, awards


Chinese student group

First prize: (1) 20000 yuan, trophies, certificates

Two prize: (2) 10000 yuan, trophies, certificates

Third-prize: (3) 5000 yuan, trophies, certificates

Jury prize: 1000 yuan, awards


Western Font group

First prize: (1) 20000 yuan, trophies, certificates

Two prize: (2) 10000 yuan, trophies, certificates

Third-prize: (3) 5000 yuan, trophies, certificates

Jury prize: 1000 yuan, awards


Other Awards

Outstanding award: Certificate of Honor Award

Best Popularity Award: awarded honorary certificate

Outstanding creative Award: Certificate of Honor Award guidance

Excellent universities cooperation award certificates of honors and awards:


The winners will have the opportunity to join our font star plan, participation platform and quality activities, character of product development.


Contest judges



International Graphic Design Alliance (AGI) members
Professor of The China Academy of Art
Vice president of the College of art design
Shenzhen imagram Graphic Design Co., Ltd. design director
Academic Committee of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association

Rong Chen

Shanghai College of Visual Arts
The visual information design and professional person in charge


Annie font coo

The sea bird

The famous Japanese font Designer
The Japanese word studio tour president
Visiting professor at Kyoto Seika University

Petr van Blokland

Holland famous graphic designers
International famous font Designer

Li Qi

Chinese famous font Designer
Annie's Black family chief designer


Deputy director of the academic committee of China Central Academy of Fine Arts
The Yangtze River scholar Professor, Ph.D.
International Graphic Design Alliance (AGI) members

Wu Yong1

International designer alliance AGI members
AGI vice president of Chinese branch
The plane design art committee member Chinese artists association,
Director of Graphic Design Department of the Yangtze River Institute of art and design,
Professor, Master Tutor

Zhi Wei Zhu

Chinese famous font Designer
The art director for font
A visiting professor at the Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology

Zhang Xuan

Our senior font font Designer
Western Font Design Leader
Advanced customization Project Manager


Declaration of qualification


Any person engaged or interested in font design groups, each group, institutions can declare. Declaration of works shall be a legal person or organization to declare personal original works or personal original works. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to apply for the qualification to determine the rights of works. If found in violation of the above mentioned declaration works exist in paragraph, the organizing committee has the right to cancel the entry qualification and awards.


The ownership of copyright


Declaration of works should be free of any copyright or intellectual property disputes. Such as the occurrence of intellectual property or copyright dispute, the organizers have the right to cancel the qualification competition, and bear the consequences by the applicant. The group declared in the works of the first prize of all its intellectual property to all, Annie has the right to develop library products. In addition to the first prize, all intellectual property rights belongs to the author of other winners, but she has a priority of the character of the work product development.

The applicant agrees to use the organizers can reasonably declare works, including introducing and promoting the purpose of reproduction, exhibition, publication and collection, reports etc..

The activities of interpretation:

Any doubt of the Han Yi font star activities, the organizer reserves the right of final interpretation.

Any matters related to the activities of the organizers, by setting the rules and further explained.

Other matters, on the Han Yi star campaign theme page font and font for web site will be published at any time by the contractor.

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