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The Atlantic visual image design Atlantic Theater Branding company by Pentagram


The the Atlantic company (Atlantic Theater Company) to design a new logo, in order to improve the company image, attract new audiences, sponsors and partners, and innumerable art groups in New York talent shows itself in.

Close collaboration of five angle design Paula Scher and Neil Pepe theatre artistic director and managing director of Jeffory Lawson, to create a new image of the the Atlantic theatre.

The new logo with abstract graphics, inspired by Atlantic's initials "A", is also like a loudspeaker or spotlight, reflects the bold, original character troupe.

"A" for the graphic elements inspired by various combinations, formed a distinctive layout layout, set up the iconic visual personality for the company.

New York the Atlantic theater (Atlantic Theater Company) by the playwright David Maet (David Mamet) and actor William H Messi (William H. Macy) was founded in 1985, is one of the most influential Broadway (Off Broadway) is one of the performance groups.

In thirty years, the troupe has created many pioneering works, including the Toni prize winning musical "Spring Awakening" (Spring Awakening) and the 2015 Pulitzer prize winners "between the river and the crazy (Between Riverside and Crazy)".

Let us look at the design of the year 2017-18:

The design of the year 2017-18 with red and yellow tone, while maintaining the original brand image, and let people find everything fresh and new.

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