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The beauty of Xu Jing and her film Xu Jing and her movie script calligraphy


Every year a large number of design graduates into the community

But in the real design

May 5% not to

Other people go?


The Xu Jing introduced today

Design is a professional learning

Xu Jingsheng in Jiangsu Huaian

5 years old to learn calligraphy

Bachelor degree in graphic design at the Nanjing Arts Institute

When the master to learn professional calligraphy

She is now a full-time Nanjing calligraphy calligrapher

The works of Xu Jing: "sword" 180x97cm

Xu Jing's Calligraphy

From the point of writing

Through the works of the bearing, priorities, level, context of rhythm imagery

Zhuangzheng or respect, or will the natural, or majestic vigor......

Xu Jing works: "67x35cm" Panasonic

Xu Jing called the calligraphy "xianv"

She will be a bold calligraphy aspect, fully and delightfully

Her small

Beautiful handwriting have breeze

The works of Xu Jing: "moral", "local stories"

Her tutor Huang Linton said of her calligraphy:

Wine is drunk, the fragrance of tea

Poetry intoxicated, martial arts tension

Brilliant and romantic

This is Xu Jing in Taiwan incense exhibition works: a fragrant ningran

Behind the four words in the mini landscape

When the aroma is curling up

All instant solidification

Visual, touch and smell...

Poetic ink mist

Delicate and elegant

Recently staged Zhang Yimou films:

"Shadow" in calligraphy Poster

Is from the hand of Xu Jing

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Zhang Yimou's film "shadow" poster.

The movie "shadow" posters have many different versions

The "shadow" word is also a poster designer -- the Yellow Sea is endowed with a variety of characteristics

Or strong, or mysterious

Or at or Rouqingsishui

"Shadow" is not released

Let the audience look at the poster

"Xianv" said Xu Jing

There is a unique character in the works ""

It is this "character" and the film's martial arts temperament coincide

This is not the first time she with the cinema

As early as 2000

She wrote the title for Zhang Yimou's film "happy time"

The stills from the Zhang Yimou movie "hero"

One big "sword" words from Xu Jing

Xu Jing on the calligraphy plays a role in the modern society

She continued to practice in a number of artists, filmmakers, and creative cooperation

The calligraphy in the cross-border creative field to a new level

138042.xyz collate all Xu Jing inscribed a title Movie Poster

We work together to admire the strong Jiangnan woman of the gas.

In 2002, the film "hero", director: Zhang Yimou


In 2011, the movie "martial arts", director: Chen Kexin


2013 years, the documentary "Tibet" wrote the title, director: Engineering


2015 years, the film "Zhong Kui demon", director: Bao Dexi, Zhao Tianyu


In 2017, the movie "shout mountain" director: Yang Zi wrote the title.


In 2017, the movie "blizzard" title is inscribed, director: Dong Yue


In 2017, the movie "I am Marbury", directed by Yang Zi.


In 2017, the movie "III ten peach", director: Zhao Xiaoding

"10" III peach blossom in the IMAX version of the poster

Illustration by the "big fish" Begonia director Zhang Chun drawing

The Arctic Fox and Qiu Jin Dragon together

Blue sky green peach cascading


In 2017, Zhao Liang's dance works "martial arts"


In 2017, the documentary "polar", director: Engineering


This is just staged dancer Yang Liping's new

Movie Poster - "the rite of spring".

"The Spring Festival" three words are inscribed by Xu Jing

The strokes behind fully and delightfully.

Rough and plain at the primitive tribe

However, you may not know

Xu Jing and Annie font signing calligrapher

Annie Xu Jing and Annie Xingkai is her cooperation in a font font

This word has the structure of hand beautiful curves and regular script

Rich oriental charm

A very wide scope of application

Graphic design background of Xu Jing

Let her in the process of writing into the design

The word has a very strong visual tension



There is an exhibition called "Zhi - Xu Jing calligraphy exhibition" the cross

In Beijing the NagQu space to carry out water


Students may wish to love

The following is the exhibition information:

"Zhi - Xu Jing cross calligraphy exhibition"

Time: 2018 years 10 months 14 -11 on day 12

Location: Beijing city Dongcheng District Andingmen five battalion alley No. 59, NagQu in space

The opening lecture

Calligraphy appreciation and practice of writing the present - I

Speaker: Xu Jing

Time: October 14, 2018 (date) at 14:30


The most beautiful calligraphy, is close to the unlimited nature in poetry and beauty, and "like" aspect. - Xu Jing


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