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Shenzhen 1010 - autumn exhibition: exotic Yuan machine market Exotic Bazaar| Tsukue Akimoto solo exhibition


Autumn Yuan machine exhibition: foreign market
Exotic Bazaar, Tsukue Akimoto solo Exhibition

In October 10, 2018, Japanese artist Qiu Yuan machine organized by the Shenzhen city fringe frontier art center (Tsukue Akimoto) show a "foreign market" (Exotic Bazaar) will be opened in the city of overseas Chinese cultural and creative park water play. This exhibition will focus on showing the autumn Yuan machine in recent years mainly works, in addition to the cardboard collage works "E-Jacke" series, also bring the original illustrations, books, creative products, some works will be sold, the exhibition will continue until October 14th. Previously, Qiu Yuan machine Hongkong Exhibition "blame market" has been carried out in the central PMQ in October 6, 2018 to 8.

From Japan Tokyo cartoonist, collage artist Qiu Yuan machine (Tsukue Akimoto) is a powerful and unconstrained style cartoon characters in draw card paper and cardboard, through the image text created, collocation headless story, cleverly turned to play the exotic culture.

Qiu Yuan machine has a unique insight into each cardboard story, then in the paper on the creation, expression of a fantasy of an alien world. He was influenced by the Asian and Western cultures, pen drawing works is not our imagination in the Japanese anime wind, but with some, lustrous and dazzling and exotic style, reveals the cultural achievements together.

Qiu Yuan machine readme, exotic culture means not only his desire to areas outside of Japan, but also a source of inspiration for his artistic creation. He will be regarded as exotic market focus, the local art museum. Cannot read the billboards, strange and eccentric packaging, had never heard of the smell, have not heard the music, there are different races to the general public, these are unknown to him. "Foreign market" is perhaps the harvest surprise he reorganized and stimulate the elements to complete the work.

Qiu Yuan machine works: Orange Jacket Man


"It works through the transfer message to the outside world or reveal my heart, I want to create something that can let me feel surprise art, but after that, I would like to present them to others."

- Qiu Yuan machine


The opening party (by invitation only)

Date: October 10, 2018

Time: 20:00


The exhibition is open (free and open to the public)

Date: 2018 years 10 months 11 to 14 August 10

Time: 11:00 - 20:00


Venue: water play down

Address: Shenzhen City, Nanshan District Enping street, overseas Chinese Town Cultural Creative Park building F3 2F (a cross hall restaurant on flower)

Organizer: Shenzhen city fringe frontier art center

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