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Canada Quebec city tourism logo New Logo for new Qu BEC City Tourism by Cossette




Quebec City Tourism Association (Qu BEC City Tourism) is an industry association, a department is in Quebec City, has more than 800 members. The association of marketing and development, for visitors to the hotel service and information industry, development guidance of local tourism, to contribute to the prosperity of the industry.

9 2018 25, Quebec City Tourism Association launched the Quebec area bold and striking new tourism brand. With a rounded shape and bright colors, the new logo to the Quebec city building (such as Chateau Frontenac), salute the crown and around the city in the mountain. Over French phonetic symbols in the logo design, graphics into the Quebec area and buildings, ruins and terrain. Blue green water, reminiscent of the St. Lawrence River, the summer sky, even in winter, ice.


Quebec City, with its long history, the city lively and elegant life style, warm and friendly people and beautiful scenery scenery is famous in the world, a new image of the perfect interpretation of this unique French city.

Quebec (French: Ville de Qu BEC, English: Quebec City) is a city located in the south of the province of Quebec City, a population of about 700 thousand, is the capital of Quebec Province, mainly in french. Quebec city is in the north of Mexico only to leave North America ancient city walls. The history of Quebec city in 1985 was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage (UNESCO).  

Here is the Quebec city tourism brand:

Quebec city tour the old logo:

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