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Ah! Founder font marked the change! Who did it? New Identity for FounderType by ABCD


10 month 8 days is the dew of the founder font administrative micro-blog push a map of the dew solar term.

The seemingly bleak Su white picture, some faint in the past is not the same breath, chew, uh... Unlike some weekdays thick founder font LOGO.

This is in recent years we are familiar with the founder font LOGO, the following is today on the map LOGO solar term.

Font thinner, English from uppercase "FOUNDERTYPE", "FounderType into capital letters".

The name of the company to change the font font to express this is normal, in the evening the founder Huang director circle of friends, that it really is the founder font brand upgrade.

The design of the new image from A BLACK COVER DESIGN studio. The redesign of the font LOGO, not only emphasizes the font itself independent beauty, but also take into account the balance between the combination of English.

In the design of visual system, the designer uses the "Fonts Preview font preview mode, allowing users to browse and buy online harvest as font visual experience.

The color of the intervention, on one hand the brand personality is more abundant, easing by the qualified professional font design caused by the difficulty of cognition on the other hand. And help the founder font in the future for more users, especially young users.

Is the first in the Chinese founder font Chinese font development of professional manufacturers, is the world's largest supplier of Chinese font products. This time to upgrade the brand focus on the future, let the founder font younger, more concise and more international.

This is the old gentleman to Qi Gong founder font inscribed signs:

At present, the founder font's official website has not yet use the new LOGO.

This is your love?

Fangzheng library website: Www.foundertype.com

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