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" Kagemusha " also known as " Shadow Warrior ", released in 1980, is a Japanese film directed by Kurosawa by the famous Japanese film, "Kagemusha" that Japan's Warring States era in face image and name similar.

The film actor first served by "blind swordsman" and later changed by Shintaro Katsu, Tatsuya Nakadai battle, won the Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for the Oscar Award for best foreign language film.


This is the initial phase towards unification process in the Warring States era of Japan as the background, with a Kagemusha to recreate the epitome of the war and the people. "Kai tiger" Takeda Xixuan because the tactical needs (sit mountain) often in the face of danger, need to use a substitute, for safety, and this is called "double shadows".

His younger brother Takeda Shingen's letter as a low-cost Kagemusha for many years, has no intention of riverside ground in Kamakura, found a thief will be put to death, looks like Shingen, then introduced as shadows. Later, Shingen in an important battle (against ODA and Tokchon coalition) by the enemy by shooting a cipher matchlock injured, in order to maintain the morale and prevent the enemy to attack, Shingen before he commanded ministers, to the outside world to conceal his death three years. The thief was not willing to pretend to be Takeda Xixuan, but seeing the enemy invading intent, and responding to Shingen not killed you, he offered to play.

At first, the shadow warriors are limited and strictly monitor every word and action, but apart from a few ministers, all regard him as Lord Shingen, with awe of him. The "shadow" and gradually into the drama, inside slowly by the real master himself. He and the son of Shingen cultivate deep feelings, express their views at the meeting, in a doubt discussion, and reversed the war issue orders left and right.

However, his actions were familiar in the Shingen's son Takeda Katsuyori dissatisfaction. About three years will be full, Kagemusha accidentally leaked the identity, and then shadow warriors from the city, Takeda Xixuan's death finally open. Although the shadow of deportation, inside has been deeply imprinted with the responsibility of the state, the rise and fall of the country. He watched Takeda Katsuyori rash to attempt to challenge Oda Nobunaga and Leyasu Tokugawa coalition, but extremely inner torment can't make a force. Finally watched the Takeda family's elite troops on the battlefield (The whole army was wiped out. nagashino due to the use of a large number of ODA for the first time, and therefore Takeda Ieya musket) decline, Kagemusha and finally "wind forest volcano" banner with the waves on the lake.

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