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Grey monkey


Grey monkey

"Monkey" is written by Zhang Pu gray director, Wang Dazhi, Wang Jingyun, Li Yu, Luo Dahua, rush, Ma Jingjing, Li Yang, Luo Jing, Zhang Chong, Wu Haitang, Gao Zihan, Xue Jingqian, Wang Siyuan, puma son, Ji ceremony, Lv Yiding and other co starred in the crime comedy film. For the 2018 forty-second Montreal International Film Festival Chinese competition and won a gold medal.

The film tells the story of the yellow beam cloud state of the city, with a high value of the "ancient pottery jar", including the shop owner, still water runs deep unscrupulous unscrupulous traders, money worship coquettish young lady and righteous man and wise people of every hue, all through the greed and desire to be involved in the bait. Get out of trouble in the difficult story.

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