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The concept of Concept Exhibition of concrete material exhibition Concrete


The concept of Concept Exhibition of concrete material exhibition Concrete

Exhibition time: 2018/08/20 - 2018/10/21
Exhibition venue: Guangdong province Shenzhen city center Nanshan District Road No. 3331 building on the west side of construction steel
The organizer: A local interstitial created

Brain dead have obsession, as if there is inertia in traction, believe that even paranoia into a behavior. No matter whether the behavior of meaningless repetition, regardless of whether the conviction to lead the way, "" this action is ongoing. Sociologist Max Webb said: "people are hanging in the online meaning of their weaving animal". The process of brain death is like a nest, a little to give yourself a sense of security, modern people used to create the comfortable self curled up in a circle. However, what we desire? Is the desire to defend the faith? Also hope that as much as possible to see the world and self?

Combined with the contemporary context, the local team to create initial venture remained concrete as the media made the brain modeling as a "materialization of brain dead" symbol, and a local room quality made by the joint planning experimental "brain dead" exhibition concept and concrete material. Through the discussion of "brain dead" in contemporary social differentiation, leads the viewer to care about the environment and the world, anti vision, perception, expression, in the interaction of continuous self-renewal and supplement.

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