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0921 - "Shenzhen Hakka impression" International Poster Exhibition Hakka International Poster Invitation Exhibition 2018


"Hakka impression" International Poster Exhibition

100 Posters - Hakka International Poster Invitation Exhibition (Shenzhen 2018)


Hakka impression International Poster Exhibition is an international exhibition of this project periphery poster Festival, is a world-renowned orientation for designers and design educators invitation activities. Through the poster art form of Hakka traditional culture era gives new value, to establish self-confidence and cultural brand Shenzhen local culture, Hakka culture and cultural integration to achieve activation by culture restrained to modern and open.

Since the solicitation, have received a positive response to the designer, especially the strong support of the Finnish Lahti International Poster Triennial Czechoslovakia, Brno Biennale of Art Design Association, University and other well-known international organizations and institutions, and finally were invited to the world's second 10 countries and regions to participate in the designer. The topic of 100 in different regions, different ethnic and cultural background of the designer "Hakka impression" creative designers to share, in the context of globalization and the city of Hakka culture and thinking in the form of posters.


The organizers of /ENDORSED BY

Longgang District Tourism Bureau


SIPF Shenzhen International Poster Festival


General curator: Chen Pingbo

Joint curator: Huang Jian (Shenzhen) Zheng Zhongyi (Taiwan) Feng Wenwei (Macao)

Special offer: Szymon Szymankiewicz Agnieszka Mori


The world is very big, not far from the hakka.

Where there is sunshine, there will be a Hakka, which is popular in the world of Hakka a word of praise, but also on the Hakka summary and interpretation of the courage, tenacity and spirit. The art is without borders is a form of communication, and posters to convey a vector of the most direct and most rapid information art exchange. 100 Posters Hakka Impression International Poster Invitation Exhibition, 100 Hakka impression International Poster Exhibition is a global designer to create "Hakka impression" theme works in Shenzhen's first exhibition, but also following the success of last year in Longgang held a Between Crane Lake dwelling "between" the poster exhibition after another with the Hakka culture, and poster art activity.

Curator Chen Pingbo said: a culture of a city, as a modern and traditional culture coexist in Longgang District of distinctive features, has been very concerned about the integration and development of modern art and traditional Hakka culture. The poster art reproduction of Longgang Hakka culture, Hakka culture to the art of polymerization brand has a profound cultural foundation. He hoped that through this exhibition, the interpretation of the relationship between Hakka culture and the development of the city; and he believes that this is a strong local characteristics of the professional exhibition, a multi culture collision and fusion of the international exhibition to try, I hope the general public friends to come to the red cubic focus around art, also I hope they can love this exhibition.

During the event organizers also set up a "Arts" work experience activities, from Poland will visit the site to guide the creation of poster artist. The Hakka a happy New Artist life as the theme, to help children through the brush to find them in the eyes of the World Hakka, make children wander in the creation of the happy ocean, also let the seeds of art quietly in the hearts of children grow...... This event is free and open to children at the age of 6-10 order, red cubic two-dimensional code public interested friends please pay attention to the bottom of the scan code for registration, places are limited, reported that full stop.



Hakka a happy new life Hakka new life

Creative form

Paint the scene

Creative content


Activity background

"Hakka a happy life" is a famous Danish designer Finn Nygaard (Finn, Germany) for the exhibition creation of a Hakka impression poster, the picture is simple and vivid, interesting, true reproduction of the happy life state of a foreigner in the eyes of the Hakka people. We hope that through activities let the children understand the Chinese traditional culture, to observe the vision to explore life, to create their eyes of the new Hakka new happy life.



In September 21st 30, September

Sept. 21 - Sept. 30



Longgang District Public Art and city planning exhibition hall B1

No. 8028 Shenzhen District of Longgang City, Lung Cheung Road

Level B1, Longgang District Public Art Museum, No.8028 Longxiang Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China.


Opening and closing time


From Tuesday to Thursday:

9:30-18:00 (17:30 stop admission)

From Friday to Sunday:

9:30-21:30 (21:00 stop admission)

Closed on Monday (except public holidays)


Remember to enter the stadium in advance oh


Please note the following ticket time:

From Tuesday to Thursday

8 day morning, 1 p.m. (appointment day visit)

From Friday to Sunday

Daily morning 8 points, 10 points, 1 pm, 3 points, 5 points (appointment day visit)


Traffic guide


Subway / METRO:

Longcheng square subway station exit -D, walk for 10 minutes, about 950 meters; (recommended: Dragon - way Vanke business center)

Auspicious MTR station exit -C, walk for 13 minutes, about 1.3 km;

Bus / BUS:

The bus station: the world trade department - 862 road 839 road 812 road 811 road 810 road 802 road bus station 351 road 868 road E6 E7 Road, M219 Road, M351 Road


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