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Beijing 1031 - 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games mascot design for Beijing 2022 Mascots Global Solicitation


2022 in Beijing Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games mascot global collection time is 8 to 10 8 April June 31, Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee is through the official website (www.beijing2022.cn) released 2022 in Beijing Olympic mascots and winter Paralympic Games mascot design solicitation documents, welcome interested in natural persons, legal persons and other organizations involved in the design of the active participate in this solicitation activities, for the Beijing Olympics and Paralympic Winter 2022 contribute their wisdom and strength.

The global collection 2022 in Beijing Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games mascot, drawing on the basis of recent Olympic Games organizing experience, reference 2022 in Beijing Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games emblem collection work, have their own characteristics.

First of all, the collection of more extensive participation in the national primary and secondary school students, carry out "My Olympic mascot" theme activities, spread the Olympic spirit and popularize the Olympic knowledge, to attract young people to pay attention to and participate in the Beijing Olympics organizing work, to further promote the "Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games 2022 Winter Olympic education program" the implementation of primary and middle school students the promotion of the Olympic Education in full swing.

Secondly, the Beijing Olympics Mascot and winter Paralympic mascot synchronous collection and review, reflects the "two Olympic synchronized planning, implementation, the same wonderful" commitment, but also to ensure that the two Olympic mascots have both unity and can achieve the visual image. Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee will also carry out the protection of intellectual property rights by mascot, promoting public understanding of "Regulations on the protection of Olympic Symbols", to further enhance public awareness of the protection of the Olympic symbol.


The Olympic movement's vision and mission


Through sports in building a better world (Building a better world through sport).

Sense of worth:

Excellence (Excellence), respect and friendship (Respect) (Friendship).


To ensure uniqueness, ensure that the Olympic Games will regularly held celebrations (Ensure the uniqueness and the regular celebration of the Olympic Games); as the central player (Put athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement); youth focus, promote sports and Olympic values (Promote sport and the Olympic values in society. With a focus on young people).


The goal of the Paralympic movement, vision and values


The disabled sports provide a more inclusive social environment for the disabled (To make for a more inclusive society for people with an impairment through Para sport).


The incentive of disabled athletes achieved remarkable achievements in sports, motivate and inspire the world (To enable Para athletes to achieve sporting excellence and inspire and excite the world).

Sense of worth:

Courage, determination (Courage) (Determination) (Inspiration), incentive and equality (Equality).


The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter vision

Pure ice, passion dating

Uphold the principle of "green, sharing, open and honest" concept, the creation of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the winter Paralympic Games, wonderful and extraordinary excellence

Let the Olympic youth dream light

Let the winter sports into the hundreds of millions of people

Let the Olympic Games benefit the development and progress

Let the world know more.


Submit mascot design drawings:

For design in the design plan and application design shall be based on JPG and PDF (resolution of not less than two 300dpi) format submitted at the same time.

The draft design should be color version, each design artwork should be displayed in a horizontal version of A4 paper, draft design should include:

The Beijing Olympics Mascot and Beijing winter Paralympic Games mascot combination design;

The Beijing Olympics Mascot front view;

The Beijing Olympics Mascot three views (including left and right, back);

Beijing winter Paralympic Games mascot front view;

Beijing winter Paralympic mascot three views (including left and right, back).

If the design scheme for the mascot design is by a group of mascots (two or more than two), the design scheme for (a group of mascots) should be made of printing or drawing on a sheet of A4 paper.



Was selected as the candidate for each project, 10000 yuan bonus tax.

Was selected as the top three, each of the programs for the tax bonus 30000 yuan.

The final was selected for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Mascot scheme, bonus for RMB 100000 yuan tax;

The final was selected as the 2022 Beijing winter Paralympic Games mascot scheme, bonus tax 100000 yuan.


The collection time

Start time: Beijing time on October 20, 2018 at 9:00 in the morning

Deadline: October 31, 2018 Beijing time 17:00 in the afternoon


Send your works

Location: Beijing City, Shijingshan District Shijingshan Road No. 68

Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee: the recipient of the mascot design collection office


Download link: Beijing 2022 Olympics Mascot and winter Paralympic mascot design solicitation document.Doc

This paper address: Http://www.138042.xyz/article/id-14053



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