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China poster Express (41) Chinese Poster Express Vol.41


The design of AD518 China launched "poster express" series of articles, which is all for AD518 collection including China mainland, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, the Chinese circle of the latest poster, for everyone to learn to appreciate, please pay attention to, and welcome the submission.

Immortal City - life Ivy plan 2018 annual exhibition

Kato spring exhibition

Painting in the painting form in contemporary art creation in Germany after painting

China new image: a new attitude since 2010

Yang Shen: The Peony Pavilion

Xu Guohui Works Exhibition

Daily and Revolution: two scenic Mount Huangshan, Mount Lu

The alienation of Landscape: Zhu ion lattice Exhibition

The real dream: Chen Haiyan solo exhibition

Page information: the new reading form Exhibition

Lao Jia Hui self-help Temple

National Fitness Route

Liu: the golden age

Another kind of jewelry, such as dirt

Pixel Park: Contemporary Photography Exhibition

More Chinese poster design, please read Special express Chinese Poster

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