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Shenzhen 0506 - Czech and Slovakia Contemporary Art Exhibition Poster Czech and Slovak Poster Exhibition 2018


The concept of art Czech and Slovakia Contemporary Art Exhibition Poster
Czech and Slovak Poster Exhibition 2018

In May 6, 2018, the fourteenth Expo activities - Czech and Slovakia - the art concept of Contemporary Poster Art Exhibition in the industry on CEEC grand opening. City Promotion Office, City Tourism Bureau of Czech Republic, Embassy and other relevant leaders and representatives attended the opening ceremony.

This exhibition is The Belt and Road poster art appreciation season season 2 exhibition. Since the 2017 Poland image poster art exhibition since the first exhibition of posters, art appreciation and love season activities attracted widespread attention in public and designer friends. This year the organizers and the Brno International Biennale Exhibition Design Association for the first time cooperation, bring 125 poster 40 poster artist for Chinese audience, almost covers the various characteristics of the twentieth Century modern art movement, including Cubism, surrealism, expressionism and fauvism style, called a model combined with modern art and design work.

2018 Czech and Slovakia contemporary art exhibition poster show for the people of Czech and Slovakia in two countries of the Contemporary Poster Art, including a number of works in the last century, his 60s and 70s classic memory reappearance poster. According to Dr. Jan Rajlich Jr. chairman of the Brno Biennale Association, this brings the 125 works on display, many are from private collectors, or borrowed from the art gallery. Outstanding Czech and Slovakia the most representative contemporary designers, such as Josef Flejsar, Kveta Pacovska, Olga Polackova Vyletalova, Jan Rajlich Sr., Jiri Salamoun, Zdenek Ziegler and other famous designers, is the first and only time in the development of Shenzhen, the people of Shenzhen friends is as good as a precious the concept of development experience. In addition, some artists also created a group called the vision100 of the original poster, to commemorate the 2018 Czechoslovakia Republic 100th anniversary.

The salon to start talks and dialogue forum, artists, scholars, science and technology research and development experts speech dialogue, to interpret the different present pluralistic design culture and life style, to look at the scene nearly a hundred viewers with brilliant ideas. Salon scene atmosphere, the audience interact with guests, communicate with each other in design and life experience, to share experiences.


Extension of /DURATION

5 6 April 5 June 15

May 6 - May 15


/ADDRESS address

Shenzhen City, Futian District city industry CEEC

Chinese International Consumer Electronics Exhibition and Trade Center ten floor exhibition hall


The organizers of /ORGANIZER

SBB Brno Biennale Association

SPDF Shenzhen Poster Design Association

SIPF Shenzhen International Poster Festival

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